Podcasting without a Good Cable Connection is Torture ATPC 6/20/20

Today Dave and Jim are back and Jim explains what he went through last week, and how not being able to hear your co-host is absolute torture.  Maybe its time to check your internet connection?

[00:31] Jim Shares His Nightmare from Last Week

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[02:31] Jim Super Cool Technician

[09:03] Wiring Connections Are Important

[12:19] Tone of Voice – Sing Songy Conversation

[17:16] Spotify and DC Comics News

[19:40] Sirius buys Simplecast

[24:51] Nobody Wants to Listen to My Podcast!

[28:16] Mark Your Calendars Podcasts Are Dead is Coming

[29:23] Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters

[30:13] Profit From Your Podcast July 27th

[31:23] Putting Your Content In Front of the Right Audience

[33:31] Should I Start a Podcast?

[36:50] How to Pivot a Travel Show

[44:12] Conversations = Podcasts?

[48:58] Joe Rogan Needs an Editor

[50:33] Survey Tips

[56:37] Jims Ultimate Guest Would Be

Thanks to Eliquite from Travel Gluten Free to popping in.

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