Podcasting From Nashville

Someone was “Dancing” in the room next to Dave's yesterday.

[2:04] Dave bought a Sound Devices Mix Pre-6  you can save $150 and buy this stand at Amazon for $18 [3:16] Dave was at the “Without Warning” Podcast launch

[4:58] Emerald City Productions Tour

[8:30] The Nashville Podcasters Meetup

[11:20] Meetup Tips.

[16:20] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters

[18:29] People get all of your episodes when they subscribe

[22:01] "]Are people overthinking it?

[27:47] the Blue Yeti has a RIGHT setting? – The Accessories are super expensive

[33:23] "]Bossjock with Multiple volume issues – solution? auphonic.com 

Ferrite Recording Studio for iPad

[37:04] Uploading to Auphonic, is the desktop better?

[40:25] the Ease of Use of the Mix Pre-6and how inexpensive are SD cards and Hard Drives?

[43:56] Jim Nerd Outs on how if you upgrade your processor, your computer may slow down.

Check out voidtools.com to get a fast search thanks to computertutorflorida.com

[47:19] Anchor now has crowdfunding – but you need a crowd to get funds.

Chartable.com – get your stats fix

[50:30] "]Twitter, facebook Terms of Service are NOT the same as Anchor see http://davidjackson.org/anchor-fm-terms-of-service-compared-to-other-media-hosts/




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