Podcasting and Webinars

Here are the topics we covered this week. I will be “On Tour” and we won't be back until February 29.
[00:01:14] Show Taking a Break While Dave Goes on Tour

[00:02:10] Jim Shares Live Podcasting Insights

[00:09:08] Eventbrite Discussion

[00:13:34] Zoom Webinars

[00:16:02] Podcastingevents.net and PM Evolutions

[00:18:58] Weird Flight Horror Stories

[00:22:37] A Letter From Apple to Chill

[00:27:38] RSS Discussion and Obsessions

[00:33:37] Make it easy to ask about podcasting

[00:34:44] Our Awesome Supporters

[00:39:50] Last Weeks Binky Appearance

[00:45:49] podcastmagazine.com

[00:56:02] I Need Less of Me 

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