Don’t Think Sponsor = Think Partner

Today we are joined by an old friend Steve Stewart of Steve has been podcasting for a while and now does editing for other podcasters full time. He also has a course on Audacity

[2:00] Steve's history and the reality of working from home

[3:40] Sponsorships – Partnerships

[11:20] Host Reads need to be entertaining

[13:08] Where is all the “bad” information coming from?

[15:44] People are obsessed with knowing the number of subscribers

[19:46] Other ways to measure engagement

[23:28] Subscribers who don't listen

[24:34] Need a room for Podcastmovement see

[25:48] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 

[30:48] Steve's schedule at Podcast Movement

[30:58] Steve's Facebook Group ForPodcast Editors (for podcast production)

[32:00] Garageband is bad for audio editing

[33:24] Patreon Groups – Don't forget to shoot for the moon

[35:00] Monthly Charges Required to do a podcast? use the coupon code sopfree $15-$20

Web Hosting $12

[38:40] 3% of your audience is considered “great” in some cases when it comes to patreon

[41:10] Steve explains how his podcast lost money, but brought opportunities that lead to more money.

[43:50] What to put on your website? See

[46:28] Are too many subscriptions buttons a problem? ( for example, if you use the Subscribe and Follow Plugin ) see

[51:18] Dave Loves the “Start Here option on Do you have a business that has a podcast, or a podcast that has a business.

[53:14] Why you need to have a passion when you start

[54:24] How to ruin your show in one easy move

[56:16] Steve Stewart will be running the podcast pavilion at Podcast Movement, and Steve is speaking Wednesday at [2:30] on how to make money as a podcast editor.

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