Back From Podcast Movement 2019

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network are back from Podcast Movement and share what they saw and learned.

In general, the whole thing was great. The only drawback was all the parties were super loud.

[07:13] Meeting Leo Laporte

[10:15] We create content creators – Tom Webster's presentation.

[15:00] Dave's presentation including a fire alarm

[19:15] Free puppies and beer – cheesey?

[28:30] sound baffling

[31:30] Fixing a Boomy Rooms

[33:48] Not everyone will like you.

[36:30] New Media Show with Todd talking to Pandora

[37:45] Alway Listening wit Jay “Podvader” Soderberg and Joel Sharpton

[42:10] Thanks to our Supporters

[47:25] Use of words on radio when there is no visual How to Tell better stories

Storyworthy book also available from Audible

[52:30] discussion

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