Podcast Marketing Outside of Apple

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by Juergen Berkessel of the Podcast Growth Show  author of the book the Podcast Marketing Bible, and his company Polymash

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[4:33] Instagram

[7:42] Michael Stelzner is leaving Pinterest

[10:00] Link Tree https://linktr.ee/

[11:00] Dave accidentally had two Twitter Tools on when he was playing with recurpost

[12:23] Kari Porter Bond did not get punched in the face when she restarted her Keywest Perspective podcast

[14:34] Facebook Advertising (Juergen has an episode on this

[16:48] Should I name my show the (your name) Show?

[20:05] Getting inspiration for new topics?

[22:51] Instead obsessing over Apple, maybe we should make sure we are ranking higher in Google?

[33:00] Do Americans think to US centric?

[36:30] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters

[37:40] Rodecaster Pro from Rode is now going to get the ability to record individual tracks (cool!)

[42:08] Rode has the new Podmic Dynamic Podcasting microphone that is designed specifically for podcasters

43;11 How Juergen gets good audio on his YouTube Channel

[44:50] Reduce Bounce Rate WordPress Plugin and WordPress.com vs WordPress.org ( Check out Siteground, or Cooler Websites)

[47:29] It always seems website tools that have “all the tools you need” always seem to be outgrown

[49:07] Apple Core Media, Apple Podcasts, and iTunes, what's the difference? (It's all Apple)

[50:45] Engaging with your Audience. Do you have a contact page?

[55:07] How to get participants on a game show podcast?


[01:01:01] How much time does it take to create Ask the Podcast Coach?

[01:03:00] Story chief insights (see Juergen's insights on episode 8 )

[01:05:00] SEO, Duplicate Content, backlinks

[01:10:00] How Story Chief Does Tings Libsyn May Not in Regards to Syndication ($8 a month)

[01:13:00] Keyword Tools like Mangools is a suite of tools all in word for keyword search, Search Engine Ranking, and much more – free option

[01:18:00] Thrive Themes and why Juergen's  loves them. He also uses Enfold

[01:21:26] Open PDF

[01:01:24]:00 Story Chief allows you to do multiple posts, but not have duplicate content penalties.

[01:25:00] Mangools  insights and how to pick the best keywords, alexa rankings

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The upside down website Episode 5 of the Podcast Growth Show

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder for Traveling on the road

Podcast Growth Show YouTube

Reduce Bounce Rate

Story Chief

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