Take a Good Long Look As We Transition Into 2018

[2:24] Black Friday deals? – Here are some fun tools to think about Hard Drives, Alexa Devices, Google Home, Flash Drives

[10:00] Replacing things that are getting old slickdeals.com vs camelcamelcamel.com

[13:00] Looking at What Worked and What Didn't

[15:28] Keep Your Website (especially WordPress) updated.

[19:00] First Impression of a show

[23:50] Praxey.com will podcast listeners pay to talk to the host? Clarity.fm

[31:20] New Podcasters have a different skill level

[32:30] Jim's new favorite soda/tea Fuze with Lemon

[34:24] Thanks to our Awesome supporters

[35:30] Can you ask your quests to give a five-star review?

[46:04] Hobby Podcasters are not always stoners (Better Dave Grief is like a Website )

[49:08] Starting a podcast for the money – how hard is the content to create?

[52:06] Ron – Should I go on a show I'm not a 100% solid fit?

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1 thought on “Take a Good Long Look As We Transition Into 2018”

  1. Dave I agree with your point about the “honest” 5-star review. Forcing a guest to leave a 5-star review is misleading to the people who read and base their decision on whether or not they should subscribe from said reviews. It makes me wonder what other things am I hearing or seeing from Doug are not completely honest. Doug says he has so many people wanting to be on his show (which I believe based on his downloads) if so then why does he need a forced 5-star review? If his fans are true fans he’ll get plenty of honest 5-star reviews without the 60 or so he would get from his potential guests. Doug should simply ask his thousands of listeners on each episode to give him a 5-star review and that should be enough.

    Maybe he should tell them “I will consider you as a guest after you leave an honest review of my show.” Obviously he can decide if they leave a bad one star review then he may not want to have them on his show.

    Having forced five star reviews whether it’s good business or not is irrelevant. If you take that stance then you can open yourself up to all sorts of un ethical decisions simply because if makes money then do it.

    This is just my opinion on the subject.

    Dave, one of the things I like about you is your honesty and transparency, you don’t sugar coat or try to hide something. I think in this area you are correct on your stance. Keep up the good work.

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