Podcast Awards – Favorite Plugins – Finding Time to Podcast.

Thanks to Stargate Pioneer For the sending me the RC-ZH5 Remote Control

[3:02] Podcast Awards Need help www.gofundme.com/podcastawards I've chipped in $100. We all need to chip in whatever you can.

[5:02] How long does it take to show up in Spotify?

[6:42] New and Noteworthy is not a Ranking System. See this post on the Audacity to podcast.

[9:30] an Awkward moment after the Huffington Post Article

[12:44] If only Roger would use his powers for good…

[13:54] "]Jim's cool Slack Twitter Hack.

[18:30] Blab for Demonstration Videos?

[21:34] PowerPress Channels vs Categories

[23:38] "]What Plugins are a “must use”



Pretty Link

[26:00] Do we get that much plays from a player on your website?

Awesound.com has a player with multiple play back speeds

[29:54] What do I do with left over hosting space?

[30:30] How do You Prioritize your time so you have time to podcast?

Turn off the TV.

One day write 1 – 24 on a piece of paper and every hour write down what you are doing.

Check out Rescue Time (free) to track the time you spend on the computer

[35:50] Getting a Sponsor for your show  (Glenn the Geek episode)

[37:16] Apps for your podcast? – Depends on the audience.

[40:10] Should my podcast be on my website, or have its own site.

[43:20] "]Do you use Parascope while you do this show?

[49:10] Tracking Twitter

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