Playing with the Audio Technica BP40 and Voice Meeter

Dave has an Audio Technica BP40 microphone. He plugs it in and plays with it live. You can compare it to his Electrovoice RE320 to the Audio Technica BP40. It's $350. It is super solid and feels ultra durable. For your podcasting gear check out (Dave's Amazon Affiliate Store). You can also hear the before and after with Dave's DBX 286S

[9:35] Midroll Purchased by Scribbs You can hear them talk about it here . Is listening live losing it's cool?

More people are listening to podcasts and they may not have time to listen to them all, and they want the ability to listen on their schedule.

[17:54] The Courage to Podcast, the Courage to Write and Acceptance Speech

[20:49] Advertising your own stuff.

[24:00] Fashion Tips for Events.

[26:33] Who is Dave up against?

[27:39] Applying to iTunes?

[29:30] TuneIn, iTunes and Is there a best time to release my show?

[34:00] Smelling some Podfade and Consistency

[35: 20] Dave on Steve Stewarts Audacity Course

[36:40] Jim Talks Voice Meeter – Virtual Mixer. It creates virtual cables inside your computer. It is free, but you donate.

[45:00] Free Themes or Paid Themes?  I love Appendipty. I've seen great themes at Elegant ThemesI love companies that provide great service, and that means owning their mistakes.

[50:40] Jim has been playing with the PowerPress playlist. He likes that there is no branding, and its super clean and matchesThe Average Guy.

[55:20] Keeping Secrets leads to you knowing more secrets.




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