Patreon is Removing People From their Platform

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from answer your podcast questions about

[1:30] Update on the Rode Rodecasterpro

Link to reviews of the Rode Podcaster Pro

[9:30] Backpack studio

[16:55] Changing Your Brand

[21:29] The history of Dave's gray hair

[23:05] Should I release more episodes per week?

[31:00] Thanks to our Awesome subscribers! see

[32:42] Common perks of Patreon

[34:28] Patreon has been kicking people off of their platform

Link to response from Patreon

[46:50] Thoughts on 2019?

[49:20] I can't find my why, should I start a podcast?

[53:00] Tip on using with auto record

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