Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

[1:50] Would you move to a new media host for “more exposure.”

[5:25] Super Sexy websites for Media Hosts does not mean they are a good host

[7:10] Castbox seems to not have an understanding of how podcasting works

[18:16] Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

[26:11] Practice interviewing by interviewing your parents

[30:37] Using the Nox Android emulator with Bill from www.ywampodcast.com

[39:16] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters. Become an awesome supporter by going to www.askthepdocastcoach.com/awesome

[41:14] The Netflix of Podcasting? https://www.fastcompany.com/40589660/these-companies-are-trying-to-build-the-netflix-of-podcasts

[50:17] Dave had to review someone's first episode, and their audio was dreadful. He felt bad, but it was good they asked to be reviewed on the Podcast Rodeo Show




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