New Tools From Voxnest With Rob Greenlee

Today I am joined by Rob Greenlee from Voxnest (now parent company of Spreaker and Blog talk Radio) as well as the Spreaker Live Show and the New Media Show

[2:30] "]The New Mixer Review
[8:27] Thanks for the Awesome Supporters
[12:10] Rob Explains Dynamo Dynamic Ad Insertion 60/40 split
[19:45] "]What if you have ads on Spreaker?
[23:00] Having a Launch on a certain day
[26:25] "]Podcamp Toronto – Need a Passport?
[27:45] Podsumit in Canada
[28:20] Interviewing On Site
[33:05] What to bring to your first event
[38:40] What's the biggest podcast hurdle?
[44:05] Formatting and outlines for an episode



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