New Media Europe – Amazon S3

Dave talks about Muhhamad Ali being one of his heroes. Check out this video of him dodging 21 punches in 10 seconds.

[3:50] New Media Europe – If you can go, GO!

[5:55] Carey Green Needs a Roommate for Podcast Movement (

[6:45] My one podcasting regret is….

[9:00] Todoist is a great todo list app

[9:15] Audio Drift

[10:50] When do you know to change hosting? Dave is currently on WP Engine for the School of Podcasting

[13:40] PLEASE VOTE for the School of Podcasting at in the education category

[17:45] Getting Advertising in your show. What company did you use? Listen to Glenn the Geek on the SOP there are tools like or the new agency can help you with fitting you with sponsors.

[21:00] Do you provide guests with a list of questions. I would at least give them the topics. Otherwise your interview is based on how well the guest can improv.

[23:00] "]Why not Amazon S3? Because it gets expensive Use Libsyn or Blubrry and use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at either service.

[26:30] Does this mic sound ok? An Extra Wider Boom Arm…. Potentially clip it to the side of the desk. Someone once used an ironing board as a podcast desk. He strapped the mixer using Bungee cords

[33:25] Google Play Music Tips Stats

[37:50] What is your ideal guest?

[39:15] Subscribe to Android is a great tool

[40:35] techniques to get people to share your show.

[42:20] Bad Horse Ads is entertaining Glenn is up to 24 sponsors. Glenn the Geek on the SOP

[45:05] Be Non-Threatening

[47:05] Questions About What is a Podcast for podcasting gear, check out  Recording Skype the Easy Way. Watch Video


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