National Mental Awareness Day

Today is National Mental Awareness day. Jim and Dave talk about the importance of mental health in all of aspect of life.


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Step # 2: Design and Presentation
Step # 3: Approval and Deployment

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[02:21] Word Mental Health Day
[09:55] Podcasting is Cheaper than Therapy
[11:24] Journaling Can Be Helpful
[13:49] Profit From Your Podcast Update
[15:44] Jim's Show Notes Experiment
[21:48] Hated For My Free Stuff
[24:50] Pricing Affects Perceived Value
[32:03] Our Awesome Supporters
[36:31] Should I Buy Radio Time?
[45:05] Do You Listen to the Radio
[46:24] Dave Got A Nielsen Rating Letter
[48:50] Spotify Employees vs Joe Rogan
[49:52] Too Many Ads
[54:22] Jim's Nightmare
[55:06] Amazon Prime Day

Patrons Only

Become a Supporter[58:15] Creativity in Podcasting
[1:01:51] Don't Eat Me Bo Jiden
[1:04:01] Creativity is in the Eye of the Beholder
[1:07:42] Eddie Van Halen
[1:14:47] Apps that allow Reviews
[1:15:32] Review or Direct Contact?
[1:19:10] Go Play In Traffic – Find Your Audience
[1:21:45] The Last Word of Mouth Sensation?
[1:23:27] Freedom of Consequences?
[1:24:25] Find the Best Ranked Podcast in a Category

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