Moving Your Podcast

You want to switch web hosting companies. How do you do this without losing your audience? You have a tool to help you build a Church website. Should I use them for my podcast? These questions and more are answered on today's episode as Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network tackle your podcast questions including:

[5:30] Captin Bob ( ) created a meetup for me (and other reflections from Fincon and MIC DC)
[11:00] Thank you to the awesome supporters
[14:30] “Bad” Christian websites that prey on the uninformed
[20:23] Moving your site to a new host.
[30:30] Mapcon update?
[34:00] Beyond the Podcast Summit
[35:50] Whova app at conferences
[42:00] Dave has his blood pressure prescription
[44:30] Awesome Supporters
[50:20] Chocolate or Vanilla
[51:01] Chartable Rankings OMG!
[53:11] What stats should I be checking

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