Mixer vs USB Interface

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. Including:

[3:49] Jim is going to London and is taking a USB Interface. He bought a Behringer unit. (BEHRINGER audio interface (UMC22).
Mixers are great if you're recording things via a live stream where you want to adjust the tone of your voice where using a USB interface makes the interface less frightening and it works great.

[11:55] Dave's super technical Amazon Pickup Location story

[21:07] Microcenter!

[25:23] Let them say no

[26:46] Facebook Alternative from Co-creator of Wikipedia

[29:03] Podcast like Joe Rogan – BE YOU Dave's Podcast on How to Podcast Like Joe Rogan

[37:21] Dave's 700th episode

[40:22] Our Awesome Supporters – THANK YOU

[52:36] Lack of tools for troubleshooting Google Podcasts and the importance of 301 redirects


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Going over Apple's latest email and discussing the Hosts and Guests feature, and show launch features.

Apple's holiday schedule and when you need to get your show in if you want it to come out in January

Where to go to make sure you're getting Apple's updates.

Podchaser – What is it – why would we use it – potential uses.

We get to meet Jim's Granddaughter and tickle podcasts

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