Marathon Livestream Sessions

Today we hear from Jason Bryan of who just did a marathon Livestreaming session and shares his insights. Here are other topics:


[01:26] Check out for your website, podcast artwork and more.

Step # 1: Initial Consultation
Step # 2: Design and Presentation
Step # 3: Approval and Deployment

Check it out at

Additional Topics:

[03:45] Adam Curry on the History of Podcasting
[05:03] Dave Wins His Second Podcast Award
[06:47] YouTube Adds AI Filters For Kids
[15:27] Opinions on Divi
[17:12] Audio Burst
[19:53] Jason Bryant Marathon Wrestling Event
[30:39] Will Jason Do It Again In the Future?
[33:39] Jason's Opinion on Divi
[39:47] Subscribe and Follow Plugin
[41:27] Jim's All Day Barbecue Stream
[43:52] Consider Twitch
[45:35] Awesome Supporters
[48:35] Video Podcasts Prejudice?
[49:45] Focused Guests?
[51:17] Jim Had a Great Guest
[52:13] Zoom Podtrak P8 Coming
[53:25] Your Ears During Marathons
[56:37] What's Coming Up?

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