Making Money QUICKLY with Podcasting(?)

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This is
Everyone was watching the ball fall on US TV. Same topics with different views and approaches.

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[00:06:26].400 Power Rant: Quick Money
[00:10:16].150 Multiple Local Podcasts
[00:15:35].100 Podcorn Spam
[00:25:27].200 How long does it take to be profitable
[00:32:11].850 Sharing Links to Your Show
[00:35:13].000 Calls to Action
[00:42:19].325 First Episode – First Week Stats
[00:44:53].675 Our Awesome Supporters
[00:46:54].925 Average Yearly Stats
Dave is in Boston Next Week
Remarkable Paper Tablet (rocketbook notebook)
Smart Shelves?
Jim Got Robbed
Sing Songy Amazon App From Ohio
Task Talk
Work Your Way Up
Changing Your Publishing Schedule
Dave's New Logo
Repositioning Ask the Podcast Coach
Maplegrove Partners
Adding an SOP Patreon
Explaining the Process of Podcasting
WordPress Search
Obnoxious Entrepreneur Words
Changing My Listening Habits
Mentioned in this episode
Make Noise: A creator's guide to podcasting and storytelling
Podcast Branding (Dave's new logo)

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