Luminary Should You Stay or Should You Go?

It's the Avenger's Weekend and Game of Thrones so what can podcasters learn from these super popular programs.

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network discuss podcasts topics brought up by their live audience and items from Facebook groups.

[4:50] Paul from being on multiple channels

[12:05] Dave's Presentation at Podcast Movement

[12:30] Buffer or Hootsuite

[14:40] and the power of lists

[16:50] Oscar from Peaceful Thrill Seeker is looking for interviewees see

[24:05] "]Our Awesome Supporters THANK YOU.

[25:40] Luminary are you in or are you out?

[37:02] Swoot App

and Podcoin

[39:14] Elikqitie from Travel Gluten Free Sponsors to cover basic costs of podcasting Gary V Shows how to contact sponsors video

[45:04] Luka from Chill Zone (Dave's Beef With Anchor ) Need low-cost podcast hosting?  ( a better bad choice). Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at Libsyn. Please note Shout Engine will NOT redirect your feed (and you lose your audience – do not use them).

[49:34] the Fat Fifty and Frisky show has earned 19 cents on Anchor.

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