Live from Wordcamp Dayton

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, Brendon Razzell, Ileane Smith, Mike Dell, and Pirate Michael.

Special Thanks to Mike Dell from for filling in

[1:35] "] How to Plug a Recorder into a MixerMike has a Zoom H5 I use an RCA jack (the tape out of the mixer) into the line in of the recorder. Here is the cable to do it.

[5:30] Cliff Ravenscraft change the Podcast Answer Man to the Cliff Ravenscraft show as he aims at being more of a motivational speaker than a podcast consultant.

[7:10] Rebranding Your Show

[14:05] Common Mistakes that Dave saw at his first week at Libsyn

[19:30] The Podcast Interview Wizard Software

[22:30] Is Dave scoping people's stats yet?

[24:10] What kind of downloads should I be getting?

[26:35] Feed Validation on Mike's latest show

[27:50] What other stats do you track? Twitter, Comments, Maybe Klout.

[32:25] Dave's last episode got alot of traction

[33: 20] Wild Wild West stats – Not much for the average podcaster.

[34:00] "]Discussion of Fancy Players Cool Cast Player, Smart Podcast Player, Smart Podcast Player

[41:50] New Media Show Feud? 1200 Podcasts being Launched a week

[43:40] iTunes Importance and Directories.

Dave's Dream Piece of gear. See it here

[47:30] It's not the gear. It's not the microphone, it's the talent behind the mic.

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Kim from

The Audacity to Podcast

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219 thoughts on “Live from Wordcamp Dayton”

  1. @LindaBarnby Simple Podcast Press can now be a bridge integration to automatically insert Smart Podcast Player in place of your PowerPress player. Otherwise, you have to manually insert a player into past episodes with Smart Podcast Player.

  2. Absent some really awful and obvious problem with the audio, the only people that notice the difference are other podcasters. Most of my audience anyway simply won’t notice those incremental “improvements” we all seem to be lusting for.

  3. I was listening a meditation podcast this week. his audio was great, but then he COUGHED right into the mic — in a meditation podcast! I jumped out of my seat and unsubscribed right there.

  4. @AtheistAdam Good Job Brain makes very funny ads for their sponsors. They’re incredibly entertaining so I never mind hearing them. (And I’ve definitely bought products from podcasts I love.

  5. I might do something like, “Thanks for following me! As you probably know, I help people launch or improve their own podcasts. So if you need help, please @ mention me.”

  6. I’ve had to use Twitter DMs to communicate with industry professionals (Actors, Creative personal) to setup interviews and guest appearances. But Automated DMs make me throw up in my mouth a little.

  7. @soup_paranormal so long as you have no more than 4 people its a viable option. Also remember Blab is beta so it has nights where it doesn’t work quite right

  8. @DanielJLewis Yea. That’s what I was thinking as well. From my perspective it standardizes our network content. But I can see either way. I haven’t heard an argument to really make be push for a change to date though. Both pre and post rolls for the network are legitimate.

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