Live From Starbucks! – Launching a Podcast

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, ClassyLittlePodcast, moulay assaltan, Jason Bryant, Michael Crose, UU Perspective, Shelton Bumgarner, Matt B. Davis , StargatePioneer, Jim Collison, Jeffrey K. Holbrook, Luis Pampilhosa, and Whine At 9

The show must go on, and when Jim found himself without great wi-fi he took off for the nearest Starbucks and borrows some wi-fi to get through the show.

[1:31] 3 Years Later Matt Says His Life Has Changed Because of his podcast – thanks to JIM! Matt started for for fun and now is getting to do all sorts of things. Find him at

[4:54] Jeff Hollbrook – Everyone should play their first episode (as we all have gotten better since our first podcast)

[6:08] is NMX Dead? We have no official word. It seems like its in limbo.

[7:02] Best Microphone for Starting a podcast check out the Audio technica 2100

[8:16] Is there a benefit for recording higher than 44.1 ?

[9:36] What about the New Google Play?

[12:52] What kind of stand do I need? I like the Griffin boom arm.

[14:12] Ryan from wants to know if we see new trends in podcasting coming?

[17:54] Chrome Operating System is Dead Operating System Walking – Being merged into Android.

[20:24] Jason from wants to know how to do an interview over breakfast

[26:28] SD Card Discussion – Rename Your Folders to Describe the Content.

[29:28] Behind the Scenes always works

[31:02] Uberconference as a interview recording tool

[33:06] Starting a New Podcast – Podcast Launch on a Shoestring Budget

Use the coupon code sopfree at, or to get a free month. Audio boom messes up your ID3 tags.

[43:06] CD Cards Are Cheap so You Can Archive Them from

[45:02] What is your Favorite podcast and why. Get featured on a website, podcast, and book. Go to

[46:04] Update from the Starbucks Parking Lot

[47:24] Michael is glad we are on blab.

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448 thoughts on “Live From Starbucks! – Launching a Podcast”

  1. For one on one interviews I am using an EV ENG mic that TV stations use and I plug in a Tascam DR-10X…that really only works for back and forth interviewing but it is great and makes you look super pro…wouldnt work in Jason’s case

  2. Jason – It may sound strange but record your “Thanks for being with me …” before you start so you can capture everything up until the very end without it being rushed.

  3. @StargatePioneer There’s now a Twin Cities podcast meetup ( I think it’s 3-4 meetings deep. I was at one last week (or two weeks ago). small grounp

  4. @DanielJLewis I guess not.. But you do offer lots of quality content on your site and your podcasts daniel.. But hey to each his own.. I just appreciate blab as a relationship building platform rather than a promotional platform

  5. @robthomasonline It sounds like you haven’t seen what I’ve tried. I’ve done a couple podcasting Q&A blabs, and after every couple questions, I would promote Podcasters’ Society.

  6. I still have my original motorola droid. It is pretty much unusable now. I used it to track my bike rides last summer. The GPS still worked but slooooooow and battery life sucked.

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