Leveraging Your Podcast Into a Book

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and guest co-host David Hooper from Big Podcast talk a little book publishing and answer your podcast questions

[1:49] The Daves share insights into writing a book, working with publishers and the magic that is Steve Stewart and his Audacity Course

[10:30] Podcasting helps the writing process

[15:05] Podcast Websites Bring More Visitors and Downloads

[18:15] Good Audacity Course? See  Audacity Course



Buzzsprout Audacity Tutorial

[21:00] Streaming Vs Downloads

[22:20] I'm Sorry Kyle (from podwrecked.com )

[27:51] Thrive Under Pressure

[31:46] Are Podcasters Open to Feedback?

[39:19] Awesome Supporters

[41:22] Reading Your Own Book

[43:57] David talks about his panic attack on stage

[50:10] Catching Mistakes

[53:17] Monetization without a product

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What Dave Uses as a CRM

App Sumo

Insights and working with Non-Profits

Do What You Do

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