Launching an Interview Based Podcast

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network love to talk podcasting. Today joined by an awesome chat room we talk about:

[2:39] Podcast Launches

[8:06] Big Name Interviews

[15:50] Booking Agents

[20:11] Interview Focus and Strategies

[22:07] Editing an Interview

[24:58] The Never Ending Woz

[26:07] Doing Homework to be a guest

[28:31] Avoiding Fake Voice

[31:16] Hall of Fame Induction now on YouTube

[33:22] Show intros and reading scripts

[39:26] Some banter can stay

[42:00] Fixing Bad Audio

[44:58] Should I publish my blog as a podcast?

[46:03] Being guest number one

[49:36] We use streamyard to produce the show

[50:20] Taxes Discussion

Patrons Only Support the Show

[59:11] Making a living as a podcast editor

[01:12:11] Swoot and Podcoin

[01:23:11] Podcasting while sick

[01:24:41] Do Vitamins Expire?

[01:25:51] New Apple Pages for Podcasts

[01:28:31] The first ever hair cut discussion

[01:30:24] No show memorial day

[01:30:46] Podcast Movement – Get Your Hotel when available

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