Keeping Up With Podcasting Tools

[1:00] Audio Editing in the Cloud?

[2:30] is a cool tool to record interviews and get separate audio files for each person involved.

[3:55] Audio Editing in the Cloud?

[8:50] new advertising tool.

[10:08] Do I recommend Spreakr? Use coupon code sopfree. great tool if you're looking do to a podcast live. Jim mentions the apps that they provide (see a video of the apps in the Awesome Supporters Area). Their software is great as is allows you to record multiple USB devices. It also is great if you have multiple shows.

[16:32] Open Broadcaster Software for video

[17:45] Hindenburg Journalist vs Adobe Audition

[19:00] Music in your podcast is still illegal.

[22:55] Time Vs Money Audio Jungle for Sound Effects and Music.

[25:55] Is There something wrong with this clip? Do you notice the 5 ums in 40 seconds? To hear the full interview check out the Podcast Review Show.

[30:20] CES Report From Daniel J Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast

[36:20] Keep Washing Your Wands to stop you from getting sick in the winter

[37:15] Covering an event as the “official podcast”. Glenn the geek talked about this on the School of Podcasting

[43:45] Because of my Podcast – I have an “in” for the Nam Show.

[47:40] Bluetooth discussion

[51:40] Upgrading your router

[57:40] Three things you need to monetize your podcast on School of Podcasting

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