Just a Podcaster

Dave is joined by Jeff from teachercast.net

Dave has a new mixer the Presonus AR-12 and it has been a little overkill to get everything going this week

Presonus AR12[3:16] Dave is not happy with the mixer's volume on the input

[6:56] Jeff has helped produce podcasts for Microsoft.

[10:34] Podcasting Cures Cancer

[12:16] Dave is sporting the Just a Podcaster T-shirt from justapodcaster.com thanks to Jim Harold for the shirt.

Check out www.resourcefuldesigner.com for help with Design.

[15:00] Podcast Movement and Podcast Mid Atlantic are accepting Speaker Submissions

[18:00] Jeff has a full house

[20:39] Rebooting Old Shows

[23:17] Portable Recordings on an Android Device

[22:49] TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder

[24:43] Jeff loves the Blue Rasberry microphone

[28:45] The Zoom H1 is a great recorder with a line in for $99

[30:45] Dave's Custom Made Podcast Kits at www.kit.com/podcastcoach

Just a Podcaster[33:04] Starting a Network

[38:45] Thanks so much to our Awesome Supporters. Sign up today for as little as $1 a month to get bonus content

[39:55] Jeremy from the Transmissions Podcast got some free Google Ad Words

[44:11] Paying for a Copyright

[45:51] Are there competitors in Podcasting?


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