Is There a Podcast Pay Gap?

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Home Gadget Geeks podcast answer your questions live

Utah podcast summit
Jim’s big show
[8:00] podcaster dead
[18:25] finding content
[23:30] book publisher
[27:00] 3% rule
[31:50] reading reviews
[38:00] pay gap in podcasting
[49:00] should I list my show
[51:59] Apple episode numbers
[57:00] guest microphones

[01:06:00] Chapter Markers
[01:07:00] David Letterman Interviews
[01:12:56] Zoom H4 Records to SD Card and USB at same time
[01:16:00] Moving your audience from one platform to another
[01:21:00] How to avoid spilling things on your mixer

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