Is Podcasting Worth The Work?

Today Jim and Dave celebrate their first five star review iniTunes. We answer the question, “Is podcasting worth it?” (it meaning the work it takes to create one). This is why everyone who is podcasting says to pick a topic you are passionate about as it will take some time to build that audience, and the easier it is to talk about your topic, the easier it is to create episodes.

Key Point: If you're not sure what to podcast about – you're not ready to podcast. Don't waste your money on equipment. It's time to sharpen your axe before trying to cut down the tree.

Should Ask The Podcast Coach have It's Own Website?

Typically shows that have completely different topics are on different websites. That's why the Logical Weight Loss, Weekly Web Tools, and Marketing Musician podcast on their own sites. With this in mind Ask the Podcast Coach could live on the School of Podcasting, but I want to be able to point people to an exact post and it sounds weird if I direct them to the School of Podcasting website.

How Do You Define Worth?

You need to ask what do you want from your podcast? What will make it a “success”?

There are many ways to benefit from your podcast that make it worth it. It could be getting a large number of hits on your page fast, or being quickly seen on the Google front page with some help from this post. People define success in many ways, be it personal, impactful, or marketing-wise. For Dave the fact that he helped someone lose 100 lbs makes it worth doing the Logical Weight Loss podcast.

Other Questions Answered:

How do you count subscribers? You can count downloads, you can get information from Google Analytics, but the only listener stats are in Stitcher.

Is there a bad side of sending out direct links to the audio or video using social media?

Mike Phillips (who knows audio like nobody else) opinion on lavalier microphones and the blue yeti microphone. In general if a piece of technology is working for you then by all means keep using it. Find mic at and

We also talk some podcast promotion, and releasing your podcast over time.

Check out for their directory of directories.

WordPress SEO Webinar on SEO Plugin (by Yoast) webinar

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