Is Joe Rogan Still a Podcaster?

Joe Rogan got a lovely $100 million check from spotify to make him exclusive on Spotify – no place else. As he won't have an RSS feed is he still a podcast?

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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Time Table of Topics

[00:49] Sponsor:

[03:03] Where's All The Energy

[06:27] Joe Rogan's Payday

[25:11] Joe Rogan's History

[28:31] Awesome Supporters

[30:42] Mailchimp Giving Away a Domain

[32:02] Funny “Don't Start a Podcast” Video (clean version)

[35:28] Livestreaming Helping Your Podcast?

[38:32] Audio Branding

[42:12] "]Audio Levels

[45:23] Do we still use business cards?

[53:01] Dave's New Desk Workout Toy

[57:23] Thanks to our Veterans

[59:16] What Dave Learned in Class

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