Is It Rude To Ask Someone About Their Podcast Stats?

[2:10] Jimmy Fallon does a podcast skit. The cool part is he didn't have to explain what a podcast is.

[6:20] Dave shares that he's testing getting his podcast on the Amazon platform (he hasn't been approved.)

[7:50] Is it Rude to ask how many downloads you get?

[17:40] Podcast Engagement – Sponsors That Fit

[20:45] How much to charge for sponsorship (Jessica Kupferman Interview)

[29:25] Do stats go down around the holidays?

[32:40] Podcasting Myths

[35:10] Dan Carlin Breaks all the Podcast Rules and Tops the Charts

[40:45] How do you record a bunch of people playing a game

in a room and get a good recording?

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