Is Apple the Van Halen of Podcasting?

Today I am joined by Super Joe Pardo who is a podcaster, author, and the man behind Podcast Mid Atlantic. Van Halen is a band that was huge in the 80's. They are a huge Hall of Fame band. Yet they do not communicate with their audience AT ALL. You never really know who is in the band, are they recording, are they touring, etc. They are radio silence and with the new wave of people getting kicked out of Apple, with many people wondering how many downloads does it take to get stats, is Apple the Van Halen of Podcasting?

[2:29] Sales won't save your business? What you talkin' bout Joe?

[4:45] Big Interview leads to small downloads, why?

[10:17] Fixing volume issues when someone is too quiet. See

[13:10] Your Studio is on fire, what can you grab? – backup systems like Backblaze

[16:44] ?

[20:36] Recording a year in advance?

[25:20] How has podcasting changed in 10 years?

[27:03] What phrase does it take to have you lose respect for someone (for them to lose their credibility)

[30:03] Dave's Video about New and Noteworthy

[33:44] Joe uses the Rode Video Micro to record his video and then strips the audio

[34:52] How long until Apple loses their influence

[37:56] How many downloads does it take to have stats show in

[40:28] an ATR2100 microphone didn't work for a second and it took a reboot to fix


[48:45] Emily at Harvard says the content creators need to teach people how to subscribe

[50:00] Dave is speaking at DCPodfest

[50:54] Does Dave feel constrained working for Libsyn? Do I feel I am limited? (get a free month using the coupon code sopfree at )

[54:23] The pursuit of happiness, or the pursuit of fame and fortune.

[57:30] Dave dating podcast? That was the original intent of Building a Better Dave

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