In Pursuit of Silence

Today Jim talks about his pursuit of obtaining silence in his basement. He replaced a fan, and once that noise was gone… We also talk about

[00:51] Sponsor:

[02:58] Jim Search For Silence

[10:29] Dave is Moving into a House This Year

[12:16] New Patron:

[14:59] Still Troubleshooting

[18:21] Post Production Burnout

[19:58] Dave Has a Rant

[23:04] Windows update News

[27:45] How Dave Solved The Issue

[29:48] Our Awesome Patrons

[31:55] Studio Tour with John Piper

[42:03] Video Email (Loom, Bonjoro, Bombbomb)

[44:52] Jim's Upgraded Studio

[45:32] On Air Signs

[52:48] What's Coming Up?

Post Show Content ( available to Patrons)

[54:36] Not as Hard As It Seems

[57:11] Accounting Software

[01:00:03] The Wiring In Your House

[01:04:08] Cube Air Conditioners

[01:06:47] How Many Test Interviews Should I Do?

[01:09:41] Getting Names Correct

[01:12:29] What Happened to the Banana Seat

[01:15:22] Can I Read Someone Else's Book?

[01:18:51] Michael Hates Descript

[01:23:22] Gimlet Being Sued

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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