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Kim from wants to know what to do for recording in person without microphones.

You can use an inexpensive recorder like the Zoom H1, and just point the recorder at whoever is talking, or put it in between you and your guest in a quiet room and just talk.

Recording a Phone Call When Your Guest Has No Microphone. [5:00]

There are a couple of alternatives when your guest isn't that savvy or does not have a microphone.

Get a Skype Pro Account which allows you to call telephones. This way you sound great, and the guest sounds like the phone (as apposed to both of you on the phone).

You can use a service like Uberconference which is a better bad choice than something like their records are at a higher rate. Please not I didn't say at a high rate, but that they are higher than other phone services. It's also free.

If they have a smartphone, calling someone via skype to skype and skype via smartphone sounds really good (its the actual phone line that makes it sound like the phone).

Crowdcast Insights

Crowdcast is a tool that integrates with Google Hangouts and Crowdcast adds the ability to have chat, and poll, and it also has the ability to have the person running the hangout to mark when they are answering a question. Then when you later watch the video you can jump to that questions. Thanks to Dan from

Is Serial Going to Bring a Ton of Listeners to Podcasting? [23:00]

The Serial podcast broke records for number of downloads. People want to know if this is the “magic bullet” that will bring a  wave of listeners to podcast. While it will help bring listeners, and it has a ton of people who have never listened to a podcast, I'm not sure anything is going to be a HUGE game changer. An example might be Apple Car Play (or whatever its called). Right now when I get into my Toyota Prius, it automatically connects to my phone (no car play needed) so I'm not sure that is going to be a giant push for podcasting. Is it a push? Absolutely. Giant? I guess we will see.

Hear a bunch of Microphones back to back [29:01]

On the she podcast episode 31 they share their insights for new podcasters. There were a bunch of people using condnesor microphones (blue snowballs, blue yeti) and some are using headsets. Check out the episode 31

The Samson Q2u is a dynamic microphone that is often available in places that the Audio technica 2100 is not.

Getting the Right Recording Levels [35:20]

Bill is having an issue getting the right recording level. His mixer is all the way up. One of the things you might do is turn up the recording level on the portable recorder and then you don't have to turn the mixer up as much. Dave uses an Electrovoice RE320 microphone

We are Moving Our RSS Feed [42:50]

Everything (including the rss feed) will be on

Make Sure Your Software is Listening to the Right Microphone [44:10]

A super easy mistake is to make sure that skype or google hangout or whatever software you are using to connect to your guest is “listening” to the right microphone. Its super easy to do a whole interview and find out later that skype was picking up the audio from the camera and not your microphone.

Stats: I Got a Spike [55:00]

If you go to Google and type in  link and use your email (no quotation marks) it will show how many websites that link to you .

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