ID3 Tags, iTunes Listings, PowerPress Updates

[3:22] What are Meta/ID3 tags used for?  Are they Important?

[10:28] ID3 Listings are Taking Longer to update. Remember it takes up to 24 hours for your latest episode to appear in iTunes. Your subscribers have instant access to episodes in your feed.

[16:50] Podcast Discovery, and why you want people to find your show on your website, in addition to iTunes.

[18:20] Bad Podcast Titles (see this free resource )

[19:09] PowerPress 7 Updates with Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk

[24:20] Two Podcasts on One Blubrry Account (get a free month at Blubrry using the coupon code sopfree )

[27:30] Getting a C0-host

[31:40] PowerPress Sites Are Coming

[34:25] Using Pop FIlters

[36:15] Checking Google Stats

[40:10] How to Take a Break on a Live Show

Mentioned Glenn the Geek Interview

[46:44] How to Move From Podomatic to Libsyn (get a free month at Libsyn using the coupon code sopfree )

Podcast Media Hosting Comparison

Thanks to all of our Awesome Supporters

30 Cast Interview on the School of Podcasting

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