How Much Data is Enough Data for Apple Podcasts Connect?

[2:28] Most if the time when I listen to a podcast, I am giving it my undivided attention (I might be walking, etc, but my brain is only focused on the podcast)

[12:32] Minor issues with Chat wing

[13:52] Miss Ilene wants to know what the criteria is to see your stats in

[28:32] Does Simplecast make Dave's list of media hosts? (They do something to my file)

[30:30] Podbean's ad insertion tool

[32:20] Unique vs Total Downloads

[38:30] Kim from Sound effects and transitions in a podcast

[42:44] Jim had to move his studio and is curious what color to use

[44:30] Clay is back to talk total numbers vs unique downloads

[49:12] Back to Jim's color choices and backgrounds (see )

[55:00] Master Kudrin talks about his Tapestry from Tee Public

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