How Long Does it Take to Build Your Audience?

The Messengers Documentary Premier Stories
[7:35] Auphonic Saves the day
[9:15] Google Translations
[12:10] Podcast Chapters
[17:30] How Long Does it take to build an audience?
[20:25] When do you say, I have an audience?
[22:44] Podhero Information Gathering
[26:00] When half your audience hates something and the other half loves it.
[28:10] Surviving your first one-star review
[31:25] Dealing with Race issues
[37:15] When someone says you offended them. Going out of character
[39:25] Hissing S's. Troubleshooting.
[44:25] How much engagement do you need to keep going?
[48:50] Getting yanked out of iTunes

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