How Do You Get a Sponsor

Pepsi will save the world.

[3:50] Podcast Rodeo form (you can be featured on iTune – not a typo) Dave likes for “radio streaming”

[7:50] Using Linkedin on your podcast

[10:10] Stitcher or Google Play?

[11:20] Jim (and Dave) use

[12:30] Embed codes for players

[13:10] It Takes 24 hours for your latest episode to show up in iTunes

[16:30] Satchel App

[19:20] What do you need to submit to iTunes?

[21:20] Podcasts app are like shoes

[22:45] Walk and talk interviews – environment makes a difference?

[25:25] $100 a week what would you buy?

[27:40] Spend part of your income from advertising on Facebook Ads.

[32:20] Video Speed Control Chrome Extension is an awesome extension

[33:30] How to get sponsors? See or check out

[37:35] My podcasts intro (see Music Radio Creative) mentioned Podcast Rodeo Show

[43:15] Jim's first impression of

[43:55] Dave's Music Analogy of music and topics.

[46:15] Most listeners don't leave feedback

Thanks to our AWESOME supporters. If you'd like to help support the show, and say ‘Thanks for the free consulting” go to

[47:10] Recording a roundtable

[53:35] Zoom R16 record a ton of people at the same time. Mentioned

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