Has Anchor Gone Legit?

[10:50] Is Anchor the New YouTube?

[15:51] Celebrity in Podcasting

[19:00] Global Audience Agency

[25:00] Does all the garbage block good shows?

[26:50] Doing a show like Joe Rogan

[38:00] Cross promotion after 235 episodes and WEB RINGS

[39:53] Thanks to ALL of your Supporters see www.askthepodcastcoach.com/awesome

[45:00] Ann Murray, Mikey Dolenz, Alice Cooper, and John Lennon see picture

[51:00] Do you have a link in your signature?

[53:15] Jim's cool podcasting story. “Is that the podcasting guy?”

[56:00] Dave's new computer update

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Dave's new “Anchor Sucks” show

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