Hangouts – Streamyard – Chat Tools – Shuffling Technologies

Thanks to all the people who helped fill in Jim's chair while he was off teaching high school kids how to write code!

[4:00] What Jim learned while he was gone.

[6:50] YouTube Chat and Hangouts

[10:00] Maybe try Streamyard

[13:00] Hangouts going away? Separating Shows For a Separate Channel?

[22:00] Charitable has an outage – this means your audience can't download your show

[23:20] YouTube Chat has people putting nasty comments from Bangs naughty Bits

[32:49] Ross fills us in on Steamyard

[40:34] Thanks to our awesome supporters

[42:25] How to learn Narrative podcasting? From the Football History Dude

Mike Rowe the Way I Heard It

Book: Out on a Wire

Out on the Wire Podcast

Ghost of football episode on Radiolab

Cathy Heller Interview on School of Podcasting

Carolyn Cole from Boomertank

[57:00] Jim's Wife on his podcast

[57:34] School of Podcasting Top Peeves


[01:00:00] Jim's mega subscribers

[01:01:18] WordPress Themes for Podcasters

[01:02:00] Why Dave's had it with Divi

[01:05:00] I love Managewp and is Pretty Links written Poorly?

[01:06:03] Maple Grove Partners is a great web solution (if you're not using Siteground or

[01:09:20] Jim's thoughts on Spotify

[01:12:00] Soundcloud next? – Anchor actually had a sponsor that wasn't anchor

[01:14:00] Best Live Platform? from Johnson of No Cupcake Zone

Youtube is what we are using and C920 WEbcam

Rode Rodecaster Pro Mixer/Recorder/Headphone Amp/Jingle Player

Check out Streamyard for Free Live Streaming

[01:24:00] The Live Show Items to Consider

[01:28:10] is it possible to make a living as a podcaster?

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