Growing Your E-Mail List From Your Podcast

While you can grow your influence and relationship with your audience via a podcast, how do you go about getting them on your email list?

[00:01:14] The Pour: from

[00:02:22] The Fun of Last Week

[00:03:39] Podcast

[00:04:43] Email Lists

[00:17:20] Video Newsletter

[00:23:20] Using Email to Keep the Community Informed

[00:25:09] Mighty Networks Class Feedback

[00:27:19] Dave's Survey on Podcaster Priorities

[00:29:33] Awesome Supporters

[00:33:19] The Vocal Minority of Streamyard

[00:36:03] Streamyard Video

[00:38:11] Do you publish half a show?

[00:39:29] Sponsors for Niche Podcasters

[00:42:15] Contests

[00:43:56] Sponsors in a show where the host has a product

[00:51:32] How much to charge for a service?

Mentioned in This Episode

Sendfox email list

Loom and Bonjoro (video newsletter)

Note Tracks


[00:56:46] PodcastHero?

[01:07:06] Goodpods?

[01:09:07] The Brave Browser

[01:11:10] Microsoft and other Browsers

[01:15:44] Yes, people still use Internet Explorer


[01:21:54] Podcast Editors Mastermind

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