God Bless The Chat Room!

The joy of live is when the technology decides not show up. So today we have no callers, but we have a great chat room.

[5:50] The President Was On a Podcast?!

The President broke the record for the most podcast downloads in a 24 hour period.

A new study is out about podcast listeners from Edison Research

[10:36] Podcasting in Politics?

People should use a podcast to promote their run. It should be fun to watch. It should be more podcast heavy, but it probably won't be mainstream.

Check out congressional Dish

The President's staff actually used the contact page at wtfpod.com

[16:50] Where will the next podcasting boom come from?

There is some great technology helping podcasting. Smart phones will continue to help.

We really need Android to get on board. Hello Google?

Overcast allows you to sync you phone and their website.

[21:02] Android Apps Coming on Board

Subscribe on Android continues to grow.

[23:30] Is Clammr Growing Outside of the Podcasting Space?

While Dave does the Clammrcast, he doesn't have a lot of inside information.

Are these real people? Clammr does take a fair amount of time. It seems to have a shelf life of about three days.

[33:31] The School of Podcasting Front End Has Moved

Dave has moved the School of Podcasting public site to WP Engine. His website is so big it took forever, but the tech support moved it on over, and there may be a chance that my episodes will show up as new. So far WP Engine seems great. Their support is really helpful.

[38:55] Edison Research Numbers

A new study is out about podcast listeners from Edison Research

[48:20] Podcasting Without WordPress

Is there a single podcast player from Blubrry?


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2 thoughts on “God Bless The Chat Room!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Dave! Continuing the Clammr conversation here! From a frequency and workflow perspective here is what we are doing for The Blacklist Exposed. We try to let the episode content stand alone Saturday and Sunday (show is published mid day Saturday) then Monday – Wednesday we put out 2-3 clams a day. Thursday we put our two Best Red Reddington liner clams for people to vote on and then a pre-episode and post-episode clam reminding people who we are linked to the website. Then on Friday we remind people of our profiling question of the week and then ask for feedback on last night’s episode and a subscribe request and then Sat and Sun we take a break.

    It is a ton of work but the scheduler makes it easy on the publisher site and I just grab the clams as I edit so i can just highlight the part make it a new audio file in my clam folder for the episode and then when i am done editing I whip the clams together over the weekend as i have time and schedule away.

    We are trying to find creative ways to use the Clams like on Under The Dome Radio for example if you see the details on this clam: http://www.clammr.com/app/clammr/122239 we include a VOTE link so that way the clams become more interactive then just listening. (i have a request into Clammr for a custom call to action button for this very idea 😉 )

    Here are a few of favorite fan created clams you can share with Jim or anyone else that asks.

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