A Day In The Life of a Full Time Podcaster

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by Jim Harold who has been podcasting since 2005, he's an author and full-time podcaster. Check him out at www.jimharold.com

[3:00] Dave gets a potential book deal after having someone saw his book More Podcast Money

[4:00] Jim shares book and publishing tips from his experience as an author

[8:00] What does the day look like for a full-time podcaster

[16:00] What does a full-time podcaster do for health insurance?

[17:25] Nervous about the first interview, especially when it's with a “big” guest.

[20:30] Jim got to interview Ed Asner

[25:25] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

[27:35] Jims insights into Membership sites and his transition into the “My Libsyn” platform

[30:00] Any worries about YouTube cracking down on conspiracies

[31:20] Congressional dish talks about a bunch of Facebook pages that got removed

[34:40] Jim's Gear He uses an EV RE20 and the importance of getting better (not so much better gear). Mentioned: Samsonq2U Package

[37:08] Jim's Podcasting Pet Peeve

[39:00] Just Start!

[39:30] Jim may start a podcast about podcasting check out his current shows at https://jimharold.com/jims-podcasts/

[44:03] Allan Tépper and his crusade for recording in 48K and I need to record in both 44.1 and 48 K and see if there is any noticeable difference.

[47:50] When people try to start a fight for publicity

[49:30] the Rode Podmic is making its way into the public, and Rode embracing podcasters.

Win 150,000 worth of Rode equipment at www.myrodecast.com

[53:55] Genesis Themes and a lack of podcast themes. Secondline Themes make

[56:46] Jim has moved to Pair.com for his website, and Dave talks about his experience with Siteground. For inexpensive WordPress see www.coolerwebsites.com


[01:12:00] Making a show that you want to listen to and reboots of In Search Of

[01:05:02] The “Discoverability” issue is that what I keep finding it crappy

[01:07:00] A Kid on Youtube who reviews toys is making millions – enjoy what you have

[01:10:00] Don't underestimate your download numbers

[01:11:00] Jim's promotion strategy

[01:14:00] toneden.io

[01:20:00] Chartable and Apple Terms of Service

[01:24:00] mp3 vs m4a file format

[01:26:00] Pandora VP of podcasting doesn't know when Podcasting started

[01:31:00] The Demise of Marc Maron????? https://youtu.be/LssUeBhEVWY

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