Facebook Can Delete Content on a Global Basis?

Jim is still out on assignment and Joel Sharpton from Always Listening (a podcast on podcast news that Joel does with Jay “PodVader” Soderberg), as well as a professional podcast editor, joins the show as guest co-host and he and Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting talk about:

[3:32] Google Play Music is Almost Dead (and that's a good thing)

[8:40] Putting your show on YouTube

[11:04] Where is Jason Bryant?

[11:38] the EU Supreme Court and Facebook

see https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/03/technology/facebook-europe.html

[32:11] Losing Your Job with Social Media

[36:21] Our Awesome $20 Supporters

[38:22] Joel's Hardware Setup

Ferrite Recording Studio

iPad Pro


Plugging items into Ferrite


[01:05:46] Multi-Channel of the Rodecaster Pro into Hindenburg?

[01:13:23] Dealing with hiss in recordings Brusfri noise reduction app on an iPad

[01:21:00] Krisp app noise reduction showcase ($8/month) 14-days Free Trial of Pro

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