Employment Options for Podcasters

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
This episode 288is part of the Power of Podcasting Network. Today Dave and Jim talk about

Table of Contents

[00:36] Coffee Pour

[04:18] Easter Weekend

[08:34] Top Podcast Hustles

[19:32] Indeed and Linkedin

[23:53] Our Awesome Supporters

[25:39] Jim had the ultimate guest

[28:45] Using Eventbrite to Promote Free Events

[31:39] Video Replies

[40:25] It's Not the Tech

[45:28] Let People Donate

[49:58] Travel Show Issues

[55:05] Are numbers going up or down?

[01:07:26] Smart Speaker listening is up

[01:08:47] Darren Dake Story

[01:14:06] Connecting Online Happy Hours and Lounges Online

[01:19:22] Hotmic.io

[01:26:00] Phrases to avoid

[01:30:21] Transitions and Teasers


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