Efficient Recording Techniques, Backing Up WordPress, Website Speed.

Today Dave and Jim have fun with their phone system today as it keeps hanging up with people.

Adding Images to Your Sidebar

The way you can add images to your sidebar is to start a post, upload the image, and add a link to that image. Then switch to the text view and copy the code that all your previous steps created. Delete that post, and go to appearance > Widgets > and drag a text widget to your sidebar and paste that code. There is a tutorial at the School of Podcasting that will walk you through this entire process.


While the show will be recorded on Saturday morning, the show will be posted on Monday nights.

Jim got a new webcam for Christmas. The C920 and some Cowboy Lighting for Christmas.

Keep it Simple

No matter what you use your WordPress site for, get more info here about how to set up a membership page, as this can help you to not only keep track of your followers, but also have more control over the income you get from your blog. Dave explains how he is building the Logical Losers membership site for his Logical Weight Loss Podcast, and he is using optimizepress on the new site and it seems to make things EASIER. Yes it doesn't have all the bells and windows, but I don't need them.

Getting Live Calls Into a Google Hangout

We use CallinStudio.com currently. We use a laptop to call Jim and the CallinStudio.com line at the same Skype call. I then run my microphone into a mixer. I could then send the output of the mixer into the Google Hangout. We don't see where Google Voice ties in directly to a Google hangout. Dave is investigating a Magic Jack option to have a phone in the studio.

In some cases you can reduce the time of your episodes so you can keep your publishing schedule.


Juggling Multiple Podcasts

Have dedicated days for podcasting. While this appears as less time than 7 days a week, you come in more focused. Also if you are editing audio for other people train them to leave 10 seconds of space to make it super easy to spot and edit. You can get super focused to maximize your time.

You might consider reducing the length of your podcast as well if you get in a time crunch. If you are doing post production create a “Blank” version of your podcast with your intro and outro and any transition music and save that so that the only thing you have to add is your talking .

Keeping WordPress Safe

Make sure you keep up everything up to date. Jim is using a plugin called backupwordpress plugin to backup his site. Jim is also looking into mover.io and copy.com

Also make sure to NOT use the default user name of admin.

Delete any plugins you are not using.

Save 25% at Host Gator using the coupon code podcastcoach (all one word)

Check out MainWP to manage all your websites without a monthly fee. You can manage up to five sites for free.

Jim is using www.newwpthemes.com

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