Don’t Get Bitter – Get Better: Podcast Charts

Welcome to episode 231 of Ask the Podcast Coach.

Jim's appearance on the Podcast Engineering School Show

[3:22] The Joys of Coming Home

[4:48] Austrailia Reflections There are No Kolala Bears – Know Your Audience

[12:54] Are Charts Healthy? Do We NEED Podcast Charts?

[16:52] Jim discovers its best to be yourself

[21:04] Podtrac and their “industry charts”

[22:45] Don't Get Bitter Get Better

[23:46] Latin Podcast Awards were last night

[24:40] Our Awesome Subscribers 

[26:24] Facebook Group Dedicated to Feedback for Your Show

[33:46] Emily's Book is ON THE SHELVES!

[39:46] Do you read? Jim is doing more YouTube

[43:48] Being Real works

[47:06] Get the keywords out of your podcast title, and your author fields

[49:20] Podcast Rodeo Show to Go International on Monday's

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