Do we have to talk about the virus?

Are we allowed to talk about something besides this stupid virus? Is it disrespectful?

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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Time Table

[00:00:44] Sponsor:

[00:02:50] What Have We Learned in 8 Weeks

[00:07:42] Descript

[00:09:47] Is it disrespectful to NOT talk COVID-19

[00:13:39] Free Audio Plugin

[00:14:25] Does this make you think of Spain?

[00:18:03] Music in Podcasts

[00:23:33] Social Justice Sponsors

[00:26:28] Quibi Podcast

[00:31:06] Podcast Movement New Dates

[00:33:01] Little Richard Dead at the age of 87 from Cancer

[00:34:06] Multiple Feed Tools

[00:35:52] Google Podcasts Manager

[00:42:35] Awesome Supporters

[00:44:28] People Not Showing Up For Interviews

[00:48:20] Email Open Rates

[00:55:26] Daves Reading List

Post Show For Patrons

[01:00:53] Podpage -Podcastpage

[01:05:14] How Important are Websites?

[01:08:16] Who are these for?

[01:09:19] Changing Your Slug

[01:11:57] Know Your Audience

[01:15:36] The Podcast – HOW META CAN YOU GET

[01:22:19] Why Your Show Isn't Working

[01:24:54] Standard Questions as an Option

[01:27:56] Practice Needs Feedback

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