Dave Got to Play With the Zoom Podtrack P4 Portable Podcast Recorder

Zoom is coming out with a new portable recorder designed specifically for podcasters and it's only $199. It's got a ton of features and should take the world by storm. Dave got to play with one and gives his report. In the Post-show (Patrons Only), Dave and Jim have a very interesting discussion.

[00:03:18] Leggo Of Jim's Eggo
[00:20:33] Minimum Show Elements on Streamyard
[00:24:23] Kyle Got a Mevo Start Webcam
[00:34:30] Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters
[00:36:44] How Many Episodes to Launch
[00:44:23] Monthly Stats Can Fool You
[00:49:51] Scripted Podcasts
[00:52:06] Audience Surveys and High Score on Netflix
Patrons Only
[00:56:37] Releasing a Glut of Content
[01:00:23] Borrowing a Format
[01:10:41] Jims Tips on Your Work Environment
[01:16:05] An Interesting Conversation (see Video)
[01:18:44] Binge Recording
[01:21:51] Attention Spans
[01:27:53] We Have Better Options

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