Creative Ways To Start Your Podcast Episode

Happy St Patricks Day and March Madness

[4:15] What Happens if I wake up tomorrow with a million downloads?
[07:00] What would you do if you have $1000 dollars
[11:55] Listening to podcasters Faster
[13:15] Finding Money to Pay For Your Podcast
[14:30] How many mixers do you have?
[15:45] Dave ponders cutting his cable TV
[16:55] Spending money on equipment you are testing
[19:15] Creative way to start off without sounding cheezy
[27:30] We all want to be good, but do we want feedback?
[31:10] Thanks to our awesome supporters
[32:00] Give up with the idea of phone calls – it works
[34:40] Interview Best Practices
[39:55] Behind the Scenes With Glenn The Geek
[45:05] Being asked to take things down after the interview
[48:50] Don't waste 100% of your time focusing on something that delivers 2% of your downloads
[54:30] How many podcasts/episodes has Dave created?

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