Coping with the New Reality

Another week dealing with a pandemic, Dave and Jim talk about:

[01:31] What are People Doing?

[05:26] How Podcasters Can Survive

[07:10] The Fall of Credible Sources

[13:35] Numbers Up or Down?

[20:50] What are you doing to fill time?

[23:04] COFFEE NOW!

[30:48] The Awesome Supporters



[36:47] Open Live Streams

[40:38] What About Captivate?

[45:45] Pinecast

[51:58] Podcahse Keeps Adding Updates

[53:01] IAB Certification

[54:00] Switching Podcasts Hosts

[56:01] Hire Some Help

[58:10] Your Feed on WordPress


[01:01] Podcast Mirror

[01:03:00] People Coming Together

[01:07:59] Companies Trying to Help

[01:11:05] Post Virus Living

[01:13:49] The Working Heroes

[01:20:55] Keep track of What You've Talked About

[01:23:41] Airtable?

[01:26:24] Subscriber Counts

[01:29:18] Too Much Coffee!

[01:30:45] SOP Affiliate Program

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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