Cool Portable Mixer Behringer Xenyx 1002B

Nick Seuberling from Cincinnati Soccer Talk joins us this week as Dave dusts off his award

[2:15] Gear Talk: HOw do you record multiple people on location on the road? Nick is using the BEHRINGER XENYX 1002B


[09:15] Quitting a show that is getting thousands of downloads per episode

[17:10] Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters on Patreon. Become an Awesome Support and keep the lights on

[18:30] Spotify is creating a new format for podcasts that mixes images with audio….

[24:50] Spotify is boosting podcast listening

[26:00] Libsyn new stats question. Total Downloads?

[32:20] What tools do you use to take live callers? Nick uses, Wirecast, Joicaster

[35:35] Dave gets a sales call

[37:00] Dave has his cell phone plugged into his mixer using Magic Jack

[38:40] Podcasting on the Road

[42:15] Nick likes the Tascam DR-40 Portable Recorder ($179)

[43:30] Saramonic Smartrig ($99) to plug a microphone into the Phone.

46″55 Nicks Headset is an Audio Technica BPHS1

[51:30] You don't need to make money with your show 8% of podcasters get enough downloads to get a major sponsor


Mentioned in this show

Ham Radio 360

Screaming Eagles on Spotify


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